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How Can I Motivate my Students to Study?

This question often comes up when I speak to other teachers. We also talk about how we can make their students pay attention during the lessons as well as how to make our lessons more dynamic and engaging.

I don’t have a magic pill, but I have been thinking about student motivation for years. I’ve done massive amounts of reading and research, and I keep trying new things. Student motivation in fascinates me.

My intention here is to be an instigator. I want to help change the way teachers look at student motivation. I see things that need to change. I know how things can change, and I care about enough about the way things in the current system are going that I want to help change the way teachers go about motivating their students.

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Testimonials Testimonials

Ahmad Duranai, Author Of The Leadership Zone

“Every teacher has unmotivated students at some point. Reading the tips in this book will help anyone find a way to bring out the best in their students.”

Foo Che Fong, Author Of Why My Score Is Better Than Yours

“What a great book. Really well done. Congratulations.”

Jeffrey Alan Grinel, Author of Don't Rack Your Brain, RockUrBrain

“I can’t express how much I enjoyed this book. Andy Baker writes about student motivation in a coherent way without it feeling like a theory lesson.”

With Kit Wong, Author of The Math Accelerator

”Wish you could influence the atmosphere in your classroom? Spoiler alert! You already are. Learn how to get the atmosphere you want.”

Cynthia Davis, Author of In Search Of Wisdom

“If I could read only one book on motivating college students, The Inspired Student is the one I would choose. A must-read for anyone who teaches college and university students.”

Jarod A. Anderson and T.L. Anderson, Author of Five Star Mentality

“A great book for anyone who wants to learn how to break through all of the distractions of today’s world and motivate college students. Every teacher (and even parents) could benefit from reading this book.”

James R Johnson Jr, Author of The End Of BS

“College students are bombarded with numerous diversions and distractions. Teachers need strategies to motivate students during the lesson. The Inspired Student is the guide I wish I’d had years ago.”

Berns David Lucanas, Author of Time Is Up!

“Being the leader in the classroom is a compelling theme throughout this eloquent book about intrinsic motivation and students. A fun read, it’s also chock full of tips any teacher would find extremely valuable.”

Dr. Robert Chen, Author of Power Prof

”The Inspired Student is filled with expert advice, explanation and tips on how to help students want to learn and how teachers can be more effective in the classroom.”