The Inspired Student

How to Motivate Students to Excel in Today’s Learning Environment

Simple ways to inspire students to do their best work

“In order to have intrinsically motivated students, I need to rethink the way I am approaching the lessons.”

Students today are often distracted by technology, social responsibilities and basic restlessness, leaving them unmotivated and indifferent. Many students have no personal academic goals and feel they have no reason to focus in class. This can leave teachers feeling frustrated, out of touch and irrelevant.

What if the in-class behavior and attitude of students is merely a matter of setting the right tone and presenting the material differently? What if there were simple actions a teacher could take that would dramatically increase how students respond to the lesson?

In The Inspired Student, Andy Baker explains that the way to have inspired students is to be an inspiring teacher. There are ways to change the atmosphere in the classroom so that students will be motivated to learn, making the role of teacher as rewarding as it should be.

In these pages you will uncover…

Strategies for motivating students and creating the most productive classroom environment for the benefit of both students and teachers.

AndyBaker Book

  • Adapt to the changing needs of today’s learning environment, and remain relevant.
  • Motivate students to design a plan of action that will point them in the direction of achieving their goals.
  • Develop confidence and a problem solving mind-set in the classroom.
  • Follow up on your plans, measure your progress and stay on course.
  • Create trusting relationships with students by identifying their needs and deciding how you will satisfy those needs.
  • Use intrinsic motivation to make smart decisions in the classroom.
  • Recognize the difference between motivation and manipulation.
  • Build and enhance your brand in the classroom.
  • Apply tested and proven motivational principles and techniques, and match these to specific students.
  • Construct compelling content that will motivate you to inspire your students.
  • Know the kinds of thoughts that have been keeping your students from achieving their true potential as well as many practical ways of turning these negative thoughts into thoughts of achievement.
  • Help students define their personal goals, become intrinsically motivated, and take control of their dreams and plans by making conscious choices, and accomplishing their goals.