Helpful Resources

Business/ Women in Business

Maggie Georgopolis

Maggie is the Leading Global authority on career development for women in male dominated industries. She is the author of the upcoming book, Up the Ladder in a Skirt, which is hailed as the book for women in challenging roles globally by business leaders, movers and shakers. She is CEO and Founder, MAGS Inspires. She can be found online at and


Gina Battye

“Described as “Britain’s equivalent to Oprah Winfrey”, Gina Battye is one of the world’s hottest rising stars.
Gina is the leading voice for LGBT self help. She is the creator of The Soul Work, TV show host, author, columnist for Curve and Diva and an internationally sought after & award-winning coach & speaker. Her website is You can chat with her on Facebook: and Instagram: and you can find her podcast, The Soul Work, on iTunes.”

Higher Education Expert

Tony D’Angelo

Tony is the Founder of Collegiate Empowerment® and Creator of The What Every College Student Needs To Know® Series. His podcast, The Collegiate Empowerment® Show, is available on iTunes. He can be found online at

Leadership Coach

Uta Schmidt

Uta is a leadership coach, teacher, trainer and founder of The Dream Chasers Approach. She is the author of Dream Chasers: The Journey of Nine Ordinary People Who Became Extraordinary and Keys To Unlock Your Destiny. Her website is

Memory Master

Luis Angel

Luis is a Memory Master and Memory Coach. He helps students, professionals, mental athletes improve their memory, memorize quickly and easily, and focus and pay attention! His website,, has videos, memory tips and other helpful resources for improving and maximizing your memory.

Personal Branding

Julita Davies

Julita is a branding expert and public speaker. She helps companies and individuals align their brand with their marketing strategy and communicate their brand to the world. She has worked with artists, CEOs and entrepreneurs to help them establish, design and build a powerful online presence. She believes that in order to deliver an experience, one must have a clear personal brand, because there is no value created outside the experience.Her website is