Andy Baker is an author, speaker and trainer. He has written extensively for magazines, journals and online publications. He had been a teacher and trainer since 2006, giving classes and workshops in schools, at the corporate level and for diverse organizations. He is the author of The Inspired Student: How to Motivate Students to Excel in Today’s Learning Environment.

Current Speaking Topics

  • Create an atmosphere that ignites: As a teacher, you are in charge of the atmosphere in the classroom. There are a number of techniques and principles that can be folded into a lesson that will create an atmosphere that will engage students that will actually make the interested in learning the material.
  • Know your Subjects as well as your Subject!: In many ways, students entering college today are unlike than the generations that came before (Baby Boomers, Generation X, etc.) They are digital natives and have attention spans that are tuned differently than we may think is optimal. There are a number of
    things we need to know about them to help everyone have a better classroom experience.
  • The Likability Factor: How your students perceive you is directly related to how much they trust and like you, how well they pay attention in class, and the extent to which you are able to contribute to their education. Increasing your likability is easy and is an essential part of being an effective higher education professional.

Insightful, practical explanation. Tools used were recognizable for everyone!

Strong ability to articulate a complex topic in an engaging detailed manner.

I’m always impressed when I hear Andy speak, but tonight he perfectly blended humor and drama. Inspiring me beyond words.

Sense of humor, personality – warm, outgoing, personable, quick-witted, fun, knowledgeable.

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