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Who is AuthorAndyBaker?

My passion for the past several years has been researching and figuring out what college and university teachers can do to motivate our students. They are a different generation (Generation Z), and because of the time in which they were brought up (the last 18 years or so), their priorities and habits are a bit different than those of older generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Finding out more about this generation has affected how I speak to them, and to great effect.

Also, what part does humor play in the classroom? What are we doing that actually de-motivates our students? How can we use new technologies (which sometimes seem annoying) in the classroom?

Lastly, self-care plays a huge part in my being classroom-ready. Taking care of myself helps me be better prepared to help my students. This includes meditation, eating right and keeping physically fit. I need to be fully ready each day if I’m going to be fully present.



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